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How To Upsell And Increase Your Average Order Value

How To Upsell And Increase Your Average Order Value

Upselling is about offering your customers something extra before or after they purchase.

Here’s how to do it correctly:

1. Make It Relevant and Valuable

A great upsell compliments the initial purchase and increases the value of the product.


You’re selling glasses. Your customer selects the normal clear lenses. You upsell/offer the customer your special UV-blocking glasses that protect them from UV rays.

2. Timing Is Everything

WHEN you upsell matters.

Ideally, right after they complete their initial purchase is an ideal time because they’re still in a buying mindset.

Example: A customer bought Glasses. Offer them a protective carrying case at a one-time post-purchase price.

3. Add The Proof

An easy way to improve your upsell’s conversion rate is to add social proof alongside the upsell.

This reassures the customer that upgrading their purchase is a good decision made by many.

Example: Let's say you're offering online courses. When offering bonus classes, include glowing reviews and testimonials from students who've loved the extra modules or resources from your upsell offer.

4. Test, Test, And Test Some More

Keep tweaking your upselling strategies to see what works best for your customers. Try different offers, presentation styles, and timing for the best results.

Example: If you run an eCommerce store, experiment with bundle deals, different complementary products, or limited-time offers. See which strategy gets you the highest take rate.

Putting It All Together

Don’t think about upselling just as a way to increase your revenue but as a way to add more value to the customer’s initial purchase.

So, target the right folks, offer relevant products, nail the timing, add some social proof, and always keep testing.

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