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How To Create SEO Optimized TikTok Content That Ranks

TikTok continues to become the one-stop shop for finding information.

We know Gen-Z is obsessed with TikTok, but they’re also obsessed with it as a search engine.

Because what was once “Google-able” is now “TikTok-able” with bite-sized content, from creators, WITHOUT ads.

And TikTok is optimizing for this:

  • It added recommended search queries
  • It increased the character count to 2200, so you can add more context and keywords.

And here’s how TikTok ranks content:

  1. In-video text
  2. Speech
  3. Captions
  4. Hashtags
  5. Automated closed captions


This smells like… opportunity.

Here’s The Growth Opportunity

If you can own a search query, TikTok becomes a growth (or awareness) machine.

Let’s look at it in action.

  1. Comparing Search Queries: Side Hustle vs. Boring Business

The hashtag #sidehustle has 11.7B views, vs. #boringbusiness has 58.1M views.

#sidehustle has:

  • High search volume
  • High relevance
  • High keyword difficulty

In comparison, #boringbusiness has:

  • Medium search volume
  • High Relevance
  • Low to medium keyword difficulty

So, what you’re looking for is Medium Search Volume, High Relevance, and Low to Medium Keyword difficulty.

2. How To Rank

You found the search query you want to own - now what?

Here’s how to rank:

  • Select the keyword you want to rank for
  • Inject it into your cover photo, in-video text, what you say, and captions
  • Add the relevant hashtag and then supporting hashtags

Here’s an example of how Codie Sanchez ranked multiple times for #boringbusiness:

3. How To Use It To Grow

There is a huge opportunity for creators and brands who find a low to medium-difficulty search queries and create a TikTok series around it.

For example:

  • Take the hashtag #boringbusiness
  • Create a series called “Boring Business Ideas To Start In 2023”


Because take someone who searches for “Boring Business Ideas,” and not only do you rank for it, but you also have a backlog of “Boring Business Ideas” videos that encourages the individual to go down a rabbit hole.

This rabbit hole helps expedite the process of: Unaware → Follower → Fan.

To Wrap Things Up:

  • Optimize for TikTok’s Search Engine
  • Find Medium Search Volume Keywords with High Relevance and Low to Medium Keyword Difficulty
  • Create a content series around the specific keyword
  • Optimize every post by injecting keywords into the cover photo, in-video text, what you say, and captions and hashtags
  • Create rabbit holes for new viewers

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