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The Grid Test

Want to understand a brand’s organic content strategy?

Run a Grid Test.

Look at the last 15 social posts and dissect them with an eye to:

  • Content Types
  • Content Formats
  • Content Purpose
  • Content Story

Example: On Running

I made a video talking about how I thought their content was ehhh.

But they’ve made a switch. And their grid proves it.

Here are their last 15 posts:

So, now I plug it into this Google Sheet or Notion Template and dissect it.

By looking at this I can put together ON’s content strategy.

The purpose of their content falls primarily into these two buckets:

  • Drive hype and awareness for a new product line.
  • Bringing followers behind the scenes with their brand and athletes to increase affinity.

90% of the content is created for IG Reels.

The other 10% of the content is carousels, focusing on different product lines.

Look at your social grid.

  • What are your content pillars?
  • What’s the purpose of each pillar?
  • What’s your ratio of content types?

Putting your ideas through a process is the first step to 10x’ing your content results.

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