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The Anatomy Of An Above The Fold That Earns The Scroll

Your ideal customer visits your landing page.

It's time for your above the fold to shine.

Too bad they bounced.


Your above-the-fold didn’t do it’s job.

It didn’t earn the scroll.

Because a high converting landing page breaks down into two parts with two different jobs:

  1. Above The Fold - Earn the scroll
  2. Below The Fold - Earn the sale

Without earning the scroll and you’ll never earn the sale.

So, let’s walk through how to create an above-the-fold that earns the scroll step by step.

Here’s The Anatomy Of An Above The Fold That Earns The Scroll

There are five elements:

  1. Headline - Big, Bold Idea
  2. Subheadline - Supports your H1 and introduces your product
  3. Creative - Product photo, GIF, or video
  4. Social proof - Supports your claims
  5. CTA - Drives action

Let’s run through it.

How To Write Engaging Headlines

Naturally, we’re scanners.

This results in 80% of website visitors only reading your headlines.

So, when they read them — you need to hook them.

Here are some formulas you can use to write engaging headlines:

Formula #1 = Specificity (Big Idea) x Hook (Your Magic Sauce)

Formula #2 = Pain Point x Desire = Ask Question

Formula #3 = Value x Objection

Formula #4 = Value Creation x What It Is

How To Write A Sub-Headline That Fuels Your Headline

Your sub-headlines goal is to explain, educate, or introduce how you make your headline a reality.

And open the door to introduce your product.

Because the best sub-headlines do two things:

  1. Explain how the value is created
  2. How the process/product works


Use Your Creative To Spark The Consumers’ Imagination

Your creative:

  • Paints the picture
  • Brings your words to life
  • Creates an expectation

Don't just tell someone what you do, show them what you do.

Example: Maven

How To Use Social Proof To Build Credibility

Consumers want to feel confident in their decision to trust you.

And because you're above the fold holds the most weight — it also must include the proof to back the claim.

It adds credibility.

It instills confidence.

And supports that value creation you promise.

Example: MicroAcquire

Example: HotJar

Getting The Customer To Take Action

Your Call-To-Action serves as the bridge to the next step.

And provides the consumer with clear steps to take action.

Most CTAs are vague.

They don't emphasis the value creation on the other side.

And if you want the consumer to feel convicted when they tap your call to action then remind them of the value on the other side of their decision.

Example: Gumroad


- Your above-the-fold's goal is to earn the scroll

- There are five elements to an engaging above-the-fold

- Use headline formulas that drive emotion

- Everything is a claim without social proof

- Your creative's goal is to spark the imagination of a consumer

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