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5 Ways To Inject Social Proof Into Your Landing Pages

Blink once if this has happened to you - you’re out of town, looking for a spot to eat.

You see two options:

A: a beautiful but empty restaurant

B: a packed out diner

Which one are you picking?

Chances you’re picking B - and that’s because people follow the crowd because the crowd is social proof.

Five Ways To Inject Social Proof Into Your Landing Pages

Social proof is the psychological tendency of people to follow the behavior of the masses.

It's the willingness of individuals to follow the herd, and offload difficult decision-making to the group. Social proof creates that feeling on your landing page and can land you considerably more customers.

Here Are 5 Ways To Use It:

1. Vertical Videos

TikTok like vertical video feels more organic, natural, and believable, which makes it perfect for onsite reviews.

DTC Brand Ava Estell integrated this video format on their site and generated £743K of new revenue.

But, What Happens When You Don't Have Vertical Videos?

The best way to make organic-looking testimonials is to get people to make them for you without asking.

And the question there is: How can you get free videos?

It’s called ‘Product Seeding.”

Here’s how it works:

  • You send products to micro-influencers
  • Ask for nothing in return.
  • A large percentage of creators will post content of your product free of charge.

You then have a catalog of genuine videos to use on your landing pages and ads.

2. Showing What Other Customers Purchased

The chance of someone buying increases exponentially IF they see other well-known companies or competitors using your product.

Typically you'll see this bar of brand names on a site:

So, this is option number one but we’re going to make it better.

And that’s by not JUST showing who purchased, but WHAT they purchased.

Plus, add it close to the CTA button to drive action.


3. Safety In Numbers

If you want potential customers to “follow the crowd” then you need to have readers visualize that crowd.

So in order to get them to feel like thousands of people have made this decision before, leverage impressive figures.

Because like Amazon says, “replace adjectives with data.”


Dig into your analytics data and calculate:

  1. Total number of customers
  2. Total number of reviews
  3. Hours saved using your product
  4. Hours invested in your product
  5. Money saved with your product
  6. Number of teams using your product
  7. Any other statistical data relevant to your audience

4. Flex Your Community

As a hedge against tech putting privacy limits on ads and email targeting, smart brands are building their own private communities.

And for a good reason.

Having an owned space for your most die-hard fans is a great way to:

  • Build a base of brand advocates
  • Launch new products
  • Get instant feedback
  • Market directly to your top 1% of customers

Some brands even have tiered levels of communities, where you level up based on your spending at the brand, with top contributors directly influencing and testing new product launches.

5. Reviews And Case Studies

If you're selling anything online without showing receipts, you're gonna have a really hard time converting customers.

Wrapping It Up:

Your landing page may as well be empty without one of the following sources of social proof:

  1. Vertical video
  2. Past customers purchases
  3. Impressive statistics
  4. Community building
  5. Testimonials and Case Studies

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