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12 Creative Ways To Implement Social Proof On Your Landing Page

Social proof sells and converts claims into facts. Finding creative ways to add social proof on your landing pages is difficult. So, here are 12 creative ways you can add social proof to improve your conversion rate today:

1. How Many Users x Customers In A Time Frame x Recognized Companies

Share how many users or customers signed up in a specific timeframe and the companies they work at.

2. Testimonials x Product Mention x Highlight The Benefit

Share the testimonial, mention the product, and reinforce the benefits.

3. User-Generated Content

Real people. Real results. Really using your product.

4. Take Your Headlines and Add Supportive Proof.

80% of people will only read your headlines. Make sure 100% of people believe them.

5. Who's Covered You. Awards You've Won. Who's Using You.

Share who's talked about you. Share which awards you won. Share who's using you. This invites people to join others.

6. Who's Sharing You via Social?

If they're showcasing you on their feed, showcase them on your site.

7. To Validate Your Big Idea

Deliver your bid idea and share who's a part of it. Highlight who supports it.

8. To Support Your Call To Action

You're asking them to act - share who's acted and received your promised value.

9. Customer Outcome x Customer Success x Customer Testimonial

Create the customer corner. Share the outcome. Highlight the success. Share the testimonial.

10. Made With Your Product.

Share what people created with your product to solidify what the potential customer can create with your product.

11. Different Customer Personas Need Different Testimonials.

Different customer personas need different benefits. Use a carousel to highlight the specific benefit for the specific persona.

12. Prove You Create Value.

Don't claim your product creates value. Use data to make it a fact. Share successful outcomes. And invite the consumer to join others just like them.

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