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Scaling on Social

The Dominator is an adjustable, court-quality, ground hoop that gained overnight success on TikTok. Despite being a relatively expensive item to shop simply because you saw a video on social media, the brand is selling fast and furiously because of the community they found on TikTok. The hoops showcase high quality, durability, easy setup and have organic reviews + UGC that helped them turn into a multi-million dollar business…that started by going viral on TikTok!

Followers: 48.8KLikes: 1.2M

What worked for them:

  • Showing the product in use in every video
  • Clearly showing how their hoop solves pain points
  • Product reviews from pro college athletes + non-pros too
  • Installing videos that show how easy it is
  • Answering FAQs and concerns through “proof” videos
  • Tapping into basketball culture and community


The problem of soggy cereal is universal and we have ALL felt a deep rage at this mild inconvenience. Crunchcup is a simple product that blew up on TikTok because it solved the issue and also made the experience consistently a 100% perfect! The cup keeps the cereal and milk separate so each sip/bite has the crunch which is such a small thing but immediately improved both mood and value. The product’s strength is also in the fact that there is no age, gender or geographical limitations to its use - everyone can relate to it!

Followers: 23K Likes: 2.2M

What worked for them:

  • Showing the product in use in every video
  • Clearly showing how their hoop solves pain points
  • Heavy UGC and review content
  • Consistent reminder of pain point + solution
  • Creating relatable moments
  • Diving into every trend


Another great product that solved a problem for a niche audience but ended up making a huge cultural impact. Similar to how Nike was the first sports brand to sell running hijabs, Hoodjabi sells lounge/athleisure hijab which bridged gap especially with the shift in apparel after the pandemic and rise of street style. It caters to an often ignored audience set which was turned into their strength - both the brand and the audience found a community where there wasn't one!

Followers: 997.8KLikes: 62.2M

What worked for them:

  • Filled a product-market gap
  • Selling a lifestyle
  • Great use of trending sounds
  • Every video features the product
  • Relatable cultural moments for a niche audience
  • Don’t agonize over views, post consistently

Peachy BB Slimes

Slime shops are everywhere on TikTok, but few have blown up like Peachy BBs.  Peachy BBs is now so successful that their slime drops tend to sell out in minutes. One follower even commented that getting one of Peachy BB’s slimes was “like trying to get Jordans” and their customer roster includes the likes for Kim Kardashian and North west - PR that small businesses can only dream of! But before they got to the celebrity slime status, what was their recipe for growth on TikTok?

Followers: 3.3M Likes: 102M

What worked for them:

  • Tying product into TV/movie moments
  • Behind the scenes/process content
  • Expanding the product use in creative ways (eg. clothes/nails made from slime!)
  • Original audios only
  • Vlog style/creator POV content
  • FAQ questions with videos

The Silk Lab

This silk scrunchie brand literally went viral in 2019 for simply hopping on a TikTok trend called “small business check”! From that video alone, Silk Lab’s account  gained 20K followers and now two years later it is the brand’s biggest marketing channel. Being authentic and posting consistently has translated into dollar signs for Silk Labs and also landed them a collaboration with Emma Chamberlain!

Followers: 99.6K Likes: 3.6M

What worked for them:

  • Seeing the person behind the brand
  • Providing value (eg. showing a hair tutorial instead of just selling the product)
  • Conversations with the community daily
  • Tapping into influencers with the right aesthetic
  • Showing products even when not in use
  • Participating in trends consistently

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