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Prime Billion Dollar Playbook

PRIME reached $1.2B yearly revenue in just 24 months–

And even though their Founders, YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI have over 40 million followers between them - this kind of viral growth doesn’t just come from followers.

Here’s how they pulled it off.

Attention before product

Before Logan Paul and KSI became friends and partners, they were rivals.

They riled up social media with their trash talking and brought it home with human nature's favorite entertainment: a highly publicized, trash talk filled boxing match that racked up millions of views across social.

And as boxing matches tend to go, ended with controversy and a ripe storyline for: what’s next?

So when they launched their joint venture, it was received with a combined reaction of ‘wtf’ and ‘now that’s smart’.

Engineer Virality With Marketing Stunts

Instead of spending money on ads, they went all in on marketing stunts.

During a public event in Copenhagen, Paul and KSI got battered by PRIME bottles while on stage.

Mayhem ensued (no surprise Paul is in WWE now) and the videos went viral - no mention of the fact that it was completely staged.

No paid ads.

No traditional media spend.

But all the outlets picked up the controversy and ran with it.

In another stunt, Paul and KSI went "undercover" in a Walmart.

Dressed as PRIME field reps, they handed out samples in Walmart while acting how you’d expect: like complete fools.

Their YouTube audiences ran with it and garnered over 9M views.

Another stunt that was so catchy that traditional outlets picked it up and scaled awareness far beyond their YouTube audiences.

Scarcity → Demand

Limit the supply, then generate demand.

Prime balances established demand and scarcity to create more hype around the product.

The limited supply and relative demand of PRIME drinks fueled a frenzied secondary market.

Schools became low key black markets for PRIME bottles where the product was bought and sold at more than 400% retail price.

And when it was finally launched in the United Kingdom and Australia, it sold out instantly both online and in stores.

In short, scarcity turned PRIME into a status symbol akin to a luxury or collectible.

Use of Sponsorships to Position as a Serious Competitor

With the insane levels of PR, they made moves to establish themselves as a major player in the space with legit sponsorships.

They positioned themselves as a healthier alternative to incumbent products like Gatorade and Red Bull.

And younger generations bought the narrative.

Their partnership with Arsenal FC and the UFC boosted its credibility, and gave the youth every reason to believe that it was legitimately a superior hydration product.

So sure, Paul and KSI had a competitive advantage with their audiences. But most YouTubers that launch products end up with 7 to 8-figure businesses.

But their unconventional marketing strategies created PR that would have cost millions and turned them into a $1B juggernaut in just 24 months.

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