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One Tip, Tactic, Transformation

One Tip: Use All Things Butter's Short-Form Video Structure

How do you sell without selling?

Thomas Straker, the Michelin Star Chef behind the viral TikTok series "All Things Butter.”, has the recipe.

It started with a simple series, sharing recipes centered around different kinds of butter.

90 videos and over a billion views later, he had a massive, engaged audience.

So he monetized it by launching his butter brand: All Things Butter.

His short-form video structure:

It's a formula that entertains, educates, and subtly sells, all at once.

The product is there, but it's not the star. The content is.

One Tactic: Not All Social Proof Is The Same

Many brands simply slap social proof on their landing pages, assuming it will work. But how you present it matters.

Be relevant

Social proof should be relevant to the people visiting the page. If someone comes from an ad about a specific product benefit, highlight social proof related to that benefit.

Jolie's ad about hair loss leads visitors to a landing page with customer reviews about hair loss prevention success stories. They hide reviews related to other benefits, like reducing acne.

Be specific

Don't just throw up a logo wall saying "as seen in..." Be more specific to build trust with social proof. Jolie does this on their landing page:

"as seen in..." → "Verified by 158 top publications" logo → a couple of sentences from the endorsement.

Make it believable

A user-generated photo from a real customer isn't going to look like an editorial photo. It's best not to polish it too much, or you'll lose credibility.

Try Different Formats to amplify the impact:

One Transformation: Hero Section of a Landing Page

Your above-the-fold section is the most crucial aspect of your landing page.

It determines whether visitors will keep reading.

And you only have a few seconds to persuade them.

To earn the scroll, your above-the-fold must include these 5 elements:

1. A value-focused headline

2. A complimentary sub-headline

3. A product photo

4. Social proof

5. Clear CTA & Offer

The creatives should closely match the creative direction of the traffic source to continue the customer conversion journey.

Let’s transform Wandering Bear Coffee’s hero section using this formula.

1. A Value-Focused Headline

2. A Complimentary Sub-Headline

3. A Product Photo

4. Social Proof

5. Clear CTA & Offer

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