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How To Turn Negative Feedback Into A Positive ROAS

How To Turn Negative Feedback Into A Positive ROAS

If you operate a brand, you might have tempted to hide the 1-star negative reviews on the site.

You shouldn’t do it for two other reasons.

1. Customers notice and post it online

2. Negative reviews could be your prime asset in marketing.

Domino’s Marketing Turnaround

Domino’s famous Pizza Turnaround ad leveraged the “appeal” of negative reviews. The campaign showed real customers negative comments about Domino's pizza from online reviews and surveys, while the company's executives acknowledged the criticism and promised to improve the product.

The ad campaign was a huge success - stock prices rose by over 350% in the years following the campaign.

Why did it work?

Instead of trying to bury or ignore negative feedback, Domino's placed it at the core of its marketing efforts and promised to deliver a better product aka pizza.

This transparency helps build initial trust, which is the bridge to customer loyalty.

Oats Overnight 1-Star Ads

Another way to take advantage of negative reviews is to show what you are by admitting what you are not.

Oats Overnight’s recent IG ad is a slide show of 1-star customer reviews from their site - scroll-stopping hooks.

But there’s more to this ad strategy.

Oats Overnight cleverly selected the reviews used to highlight its differentiation factor that helps them stand out in the market.

Not traditional hot oatmeal → Innovative cold oatmeal that feels refreshing & is easy to make

Cannot enjoy drinking my breakfast → On-the-go breakfast, you can drink

Too chocolatey → Great for chocolate lovers

Some 1-star reviews → 1,000,000 happy customers

By highlighting what they are not, Overnight Oats shows their target audience who they are and who they’re for.

In contrast, the messaging comes through louder and clearer. Thanks to negative reviews.

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