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Mr. Beast’s Feastables Email Strategy

200,000 subs.

2,000,000 total clicks.

An average of 10 clicks per email recipient.

The even more impressive numbers:

  • +100% higher click rate (vs their 180-day average)
  • +200% higher CVR (vs their 180-day average)

These are the numbers behind one of Mr. Beast’s Feastables’ interactive emails.

So, I went down an interactive emails rabbit hole, read this post by Joseph Siegel on LinkedIn and found Spellbound - the software behind how Feastables drives mind-bending engagement through email.

Start With Data Collection

Increasing engagement starts with data collection. Because why assume what fans want when they can tell you.

Joseph Siegel, the Director of Retention for Feastables, said they “survey their customers at nearly every interaction.”

This is how the team learned that fans WANT to engage with them.

Then they broke this down to the tactical level which meant:

  • Playing games
  • Completing challenges

Essentially bringing Mr. Beast’s video style to email.

Don’t assume. Learn. Then do.

How To Collect Data On Autopilot

Enter your welcome email. Welcome emails average a 50% open rate. This means 75% of email recipients are more likely to open them.

Which makes it perfect for data collection.

Based on this data collection you can segment your email list, personalize and optimize your content, and promote specific products.

So, I hit up my homie Brian from Spellbound and asked him who’s doing a good job of collecting data via welcome flows.

His response? Carden Lane

Carden Lane uses an in-email survey in its welcome series. And it collects 60% more data from new sign-ups than its previous welcome flow.

Why? Carden Lane keeps the survey where subscribers already are. In the email.

Here’s how:

Email Creation

The Feastables team takes this data and implements it into an interactive email strategy.

Which turned email into an “engagement engine that fans return to for fun.”

Here are 3 examples and the results:

1. Email Click Challenge

The first 5 people to click the button 500x times win 50% off.

And even if you don’t win the 50% off, you still win 10% off for playing.

This email generated over 2,000,000 total clicks.

2. The Trivia Email

The first 1000 people to complete the trivia correctly won a mystery prize.

21,000 people played the game. 14% of email openers completed the game.

And this was the highest revenue-generating email of the summer.

3. Briefcase Email

20 briefcases. One discount.

The only way to get it? Click each briefcase until you find it.

Why Do These Work?

3 Main reasons:

1. Improved Deliverability

The variable to win in email is engaging through clicks.

Each click improves your deliverability, helping every email land in your subscriber’s inbox.

Hence the +100% higher click rate for Feastables vs. their 180-day average.

2. Brand Engagement

The more you engage with something, the more you feel connected to it.

Feastable’s in-email games create an experience where fans get to interact with the brand.

The more someone engages with your brand the more affinity you build - impacting your customer’s lifetime value.

3. Ongoing Subscriber Engagement

You open one email. Play a game. Win a discount. Or mystery prize. And it’s fun.

This creates an internal expectation anytime you see Feastables in your inbox.

Feastables Email = Possibility to play a game.

Chances are, you’ll open it the next time.

How To Implement

  1. Well the obvious thing is - if you want to do this then you need Spellbound.
  2. Survey email subscribers in your welcome flow.
  3. Segment, optimize, and personalize based off the data (content and products).
  4. Use email as an engagement channel with contests, games, and giveaways.
  5. Make clicks the variable to win to improve engagement and deliverability.
  6. Create experiences where fans can be fans.

Create more experiences where fans can act like fans. Not customers. Because deep fandom results in forever customers.

BTW - Interactive emails aren’t the only thing you build with Spellbound. You can also grow SMS lists, collect more reviews, and create quizzes.

If you want to do any of this, you can check em’ out here.

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