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How Miss Excel Creates Viral TikTok Content

Kat created her TikTok account in June 2020.

Her 4th video went viral.

And that was only the beginning.

Just in October 2021, she gained 264k followers.

She has won the Microsoft MVP award.

And has been featured in Forbes, The Verge, Insider, and Morning Brew for “making excel fun.”

And she makes Excel fun by making her content fun.

Lemme explain.

Her Mindset On Creating Content

Kat says to go into making videos with the mindset that you are the viral content.

Using viral songs is good but not necessary.

One thing she likes to do is match music to the subject matter.

For example, the subject of the video is cleaning data.

And she’ll be dancing to “So Fresh, So Clean” by OutKast.

To her audience, it makes learning fun, memorable, and most importantly, sticky.

“The people giving that advice are essentially trying to take these concepts and frame them in a way that they can hand off to anyone.” - Kat Norton

While we’re trying to learn a new social platform, we can get caught up in trying to figure out shortcuts.

But the algorithm will change.

Trends come and go.

So, if your goal is to build a brand that sticks remember that principles stay the same.

“I get my energy to a place where my presence is truly magnetic I get visions of what will go viral. Then I run to my computer and I make those ideas...”

How Kat Makes Her Social Profile Sticky

“Essentially social media content is straight-up energy transmissions. You’re receiving my energy through the phone.”

Meaning, if you want to make your social profiles one that people remember with sticky content then it's not enough to provide value.

You also need to focus on how you deliver that value.

That's what makes you stand out.

How She Makes Her Brand Stick

Miss Excel is the Cheif Excel Officer.

She has positioned herself as an authority in the space.

On top of that, her bio on Tik-Tok is simple.

”I make Excel Fun.”

And that’s exactly what she does.

Content Break Down

Her content combines education and entertainment.

On average her videos are between 10-18 seconds.

Filled with 10-18 second of thumb-stopping content.

And the formula is simple:

Problem ➡️ Solution.

Meaning, first she addresses the problem you're facing in Excel.

Then shows you how to fix it.

No fluff or wasted time.

Still The Same Marketing Principles To Catch Your Attention

Her videos have a clear headline.

And follow a few patterns:

  • They play-off curiosity
  • They highlight a specific problem
  • They highlight what you're going to learn

And a subtitle hook to earn your view.

From Rented To Owned Audience

At the end of this video, she's using a call to action to move her rented audience (social platforms) to an owned audience (email list) by offering free webinars.

It Boils Down To How You Deliver "The Value"

At the end of the day, it boils down to creating value for your audience.

Because all great content comes in the form of entertainment, education, and inspiration.

The differentiation factor is how you deliver the content in a way that’s unique and sticky.

From TikTok to Course Customers

Tiktok is an incredible vehicle for Miss Excel to introduce her software education to the world.

She has given her audience valuable content for free.

Her content goes viral, extending her reach.

She converts a percentage of that audience onto her email list and webinars.

And currently, her email list has over 50,000 subscribers becoming the leading force to convert paying customers.


Don’t get caught up in hacking an algorithm that will change.

Because the principles of building an audience on social media are the same on every platform.

Add value and focus on making content that sticks.

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