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Magic Mind's 8-Figure Playbook

Standing out in the supplement space is hard…

Unless you have a genius strategy.

Today’s deep dive is into Magic Mind’s 8-figure marketing playbook.

Learn how to differentiate yourself in a competitive market.

Launch the Brand Before the Product

James Beshara, the founder of Magic Mind, was inspired by his reliance on caffeine for productivity and the need to find a healthier alternative due to a heart condition.

As he started his “bio-hacking” research journey he became the residential nootropics expert among many in his Silicon Valley circle of entrepreneurs, operators, and early-stage investors.

During this research and collaboration with doctors and scientists, he co authored the Amazon bestselling health and nutrition book, "Beyond Coffee".

He also built an organic following of over 11,000 followers on Instagram, establishing his reputation as a key opinion leader (KOL) in the field before launching his product.

This created substantial momentum when Magic Mind was launched in 2020.

They saw explosive revenue growth, reaching $1 million within five months, and set a clear path to profitability within year 1.

While you are doing research for a brand launch, instead of shelving your findings, transform them into content like:

  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters

By sharing your learning publicly - you can launch your brand before your product hits the market.

Be the First in a Category

When Magic Mind launched in 2020, there were many options in the healthy coffee alternative category.

So instead of competing head to head for a piece of the pie, Magic Mind created a new category.

Magic Mind positioned itself as the first product in the “drinkable productivity tool” category.

In contrast to other brands with similar products that focus on healthy lifestyle-related messaging like “gives you energy”, Magic Mind’s centered around productivity - how it can help you ”get through your to-do list”, and “crush your goals”.

Their subscription plan is even called a “productivity plan”.

This positioning strategy gave them an immediate competitive edge in Brand Recognition.

"It's better to be first in the mind than first in the marketplace." - Trout and Ries

If you can’t be positioned to be the first in a category, create a new one.

Optimize the Funnel

The icing on the cake is the optimized funnel.

1. Magic Mind uses podcast-generated content (PGC) as their signature ad format, where product benefits are subtly plugged into a conversation.

2. They direct people to different advertorials based on unique customer personas

Facebook library:

  • Magic Mind is not cheap. So to get people over the purchase hurdle, they inject a “100-day money back, no question asked” guarantee to add confidence.
  • They incorporate tons of social proof: tweets, customer reviews, and UGCs all in this one-pager.
  • They leverage bundling and other pricing tactics:
    • Price Anchoring: the one-time cost makes the 30-pack monthly look like a great deal.
    • Odd-Even: $97.50 looks cheaper than $100.
    • Center Stage: the most important or expensive item is in the middle so it gets the most attention, making it seem like the best choice.
    • Decoy Effect: the third option isn’t as good as the first two, making them look like the best deals.
    • Slashing the MSRP: makes it look like there’s a discount.
    • Daily Price Framing: to make the price look smaller and more affordable.

Here’s the playbook:

  • Launch the brand before the product: think about how you can build your credibility and following while you are preparing for the product launch
  • If you cannot position as the first in a category, create a new one.
  • Optimize your acquisition funnel through objection handling and leveraging consumer psychology.

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