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5 Landing Page Types To Test

Your ad's click-through rate is through the roof but people aren’t converting, which means it's time to examine your landing pages.

We’ve all been there where you’re intrigued by an ad enough to click through, only to land on a page where the product featured in the ad is nowhere to be found on the page, you get frustrated searching, and exit the page.

This case study is about maximizing the second impression after someone taps your ad - aka your landing page.

And testing is the only way to know which one works for you.

1. Free Gift with Purchase

The majority of the page is built around selling the free gift with purchase.

You’re there to buy a wallet, but Ridge convinces you why you need a free gift more. And as you scroll, they continue to push it, but…

The only thing between you and your free Air Tag is buying the wallet.

Hook with the free gift with purchase. The full-price product is an easier sell.

2. Advertorials

We wrote about white-listing third-party social accounts as an effective ad strategy.

For this type of LP, instead of a landing page on your own site, an editorial with conversion CTA gives customers a seamless experience from an ad to LP. For high-funnel traffic, this is a great way to do category and product education first, then acquire traffic to your site.

3. Listicles

A listicle is the type of landing page that shows information in a list format, like “5 reasons why…” so you are educating the readers while subtly guiding them toward purchasing the products.

The extra special thing about this JRB listicle landing page is the page content matches the ad creatives - so users get to reinforce what they learn from the ad on the page to be more confident in making a purchasing decision.

4. Quiz Funnels

Next is a quiz funnel.

According to Cody from JRB, a quiz proved to not only increase the AOV and CVR but is also a lead magnet.

If a product has a longer consideration period, do this:

• Capture zero-party data

• Grow your email list

• Segment and personalize based on zero-party data

The key to this - quiz funnels.

Here’s a case study we wrote on how JRB collected 100,000+ emails in a few months using a quiz funnel

5. Custom Landing Pages - Trojan Horse

Per the name, this is the type of landing page that looks like a normal home page on the outside but is customized with conversion-optimized features on the inside.

Looking at Cloud Water’s Landing Pages, there are 5 key components to pay attention to:

  1. A navigation (shop now) that links to a section of the landing page instead of to another page
  2. A hero banner that makes the page looks like a usual home page but with direct-response content (value proposition, benefits, reviews)
  3. Social proof through press mentions & UGC
  4. Answer customers’ questions & objections
  5. A funnel destination

I especially love how Cloud Water moves its PDP to this landing page. Users simply scroll up and down the page for more info about the brand and product, and when they are ready to buy, they can simply add to cart from this section of the page.

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