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How I'd Capitalize On KIA's Logo Rebrand Failure

On Jan 6th, KIA unveiled a new brand logo and global brand slogan that emphasized its commitment to its transformation for the future.

The new logo embodies and represents symmetry, rhythm’ and rising - aspects that display its commitment to customers.

Alongside the new logo was a new slogan: Movement That Inspires.

But there is a problem, an onslaught of people don’t recognize KIA’s new logo.

Because it went from obvious to unrecognizable.


Now, people mistake KIA’s new logo for “KN”

Which leads to over 55k+ searches a month related to the non-existent “KN Car Brand.”


This arbitrage is a huge opportunity KIA should take advantage of.

People are searching for information in hopes of education and are met with nothing from KIA.

So, Here Are The Three Things I’d Do:

1. Create A Campaign Around The “KN” Confusion

Years ago, Mailchimp launched a campaign around the mispronunciation of its name.


  • Created films like JailBlimp, MailShrimp, and KaleLimp
  • Launched them in select theatres
  • Created an interactive music video for fans

The result?

Now when someone searched something like “Mailshrimp” into Google - Google would ask if they meant “Mailchimp.”

Here's a cool article breaking down Mailchimp's campaign.

KIA shouldn’t follow the exact path but should take similar steps.

KIA should:

  • Create short films around it’s new mission and logo
  • Create a parody around the confusion between “KN” and “KIA
  • Create a music video or song with a KP group about the rebrand (KIA is from South Korea)

The confusion around its new logo is KIA’s opportunity to scale the communication around its new mission.

2. Launch A Branded Keyword Campaign

Unlike most keyword campaigns that focus on driving conversions - KIA should focus on driving education.

People who search “KN” related search should find an ad from KIA that says something like this:

From here, they’re taken to a dedicated landing page where KIA explains the what and why behind the rebrand.

3. Launch A Youtube Campaign Targeting The Same Keywords & Search Queries

If you didn’t know, you can run Youtube Ads based on Google searches.

So, if someone searches “KN Car” on Google - KIA can target them with an ad on Youtube explaining the rebrand.

And that’s exactly what they should do.

In step one, I outlined how they should create short films around the rebrand - they'd use those same videos to target the same queries on Youtube.

Here’s a great video on how to run a Youtube Keywords Campaign.

And that's how I'd respond to this branding failure and leverage it for growth.

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