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Barbie’s World

The Barbie movie comes out in July but the campaigns have been going on since April! Now you’d think, that’s silly and people will not be excited anymore on show day but their genius marketing team played it in a way where it generated just enough buzz to bring back the nostalgia in such full force that till July, this movie is ALL anyone will be talking about…and the brand doesn't have to 😉

Barbie AI Selfie Generator:

Remember when Barbie launched this selfie generator and EVERYONE who doesn’t live under a rock was using it on socials? With AI trending, creating a quick selfie generator was a great way to touchbase with the forever barbie fans but also create a fresh social media trend to get the young  generations interested/curious about the movie. In fact there’s even a scene in the trailer touching on how Barbie is no longer the hot toy for kids of today but this social media trend definitely earned them some new fans from Gen Z and Gen Alpha. The ease and quickness of this trend is what worked for the shorter attentions spans.

Barbie’s Dream Dollhouse x Architectural Digest:

This Barbie campaign dives a little deeper into the childhood nostalgia of every person that ever own a dollhouse. The house is exactly like what we all played with as kids but the Architectural Digest video is shot in a way that is authentic to both the magazine and how house tour videos are filmed now by YouTubers making it relatable to multiple generations while also tying up with another legacy brand! Barbie also has a pop-up cafe where you can experience the dollhouse magic in real life -and gives the brand a lot of organic social content created by the community. The pop-up is also a cool attraction for newer fans who have grown up in the era of experiential marketing and things being done ‘for the gram. I would also love to see a Vogue 73 questions video as well while we are at it or maybe even a W Magazine ASMR video?  👀

Aldo Collaboration:

We all remember gasping the iconic shot of Margot Robbie stepping out of the heels and maintaining her “Barbie feet” which is one of the most recognizabale characteristics about her. Chrissy Teigen literally wanted a documentary on this shot and her tweet earned almost 14M impressions. Given how this shot lives rent free in our minds, the brand moved quickly to launch a collab with Aldo and give us the Barbie heels in complete Mattel-like packaging. While the brand has had many apparel and accessory collab, why this one has made the biggest impact is because it is a brilliant example of social listening + finding the right partner to collaborate with on a physical product that ties back into the opening trailer shot.

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