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Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest social media platform for business professionals with 740 million users.

And there’s a surge of B2B creators on the platform,

And more brands are partnering with these B2B influencers for marketing campaigns.

Last year, Hootsuite worked with 8 LinkedIn creators to promote their social media career report.

This became Hootsuite's most successful creator campaign, with:

  • 1.2 million impressions
  • 5,600 clicks
  • 18,800 engagements

Want to know how much activity the brand account generated?


How To Find The Top Creators In Your Niche

LinkedIn gives out “Top Voice” badges to the top 5% of contributors in a particular topic based on quality, engagement, and quantity of contributions.

Unfortunately, these badges are not easily searchable.

A way around it is to go to the LinkedIn content hub directory page > find topics relevant to your business > find top creators from article contributors.

If you want help reaching these creators, Creator Authority is an agency specializing in connecting brands to LinkedIn creators.

Knowledge & Insights Beat Promotions

To increase reach, work with LinkedIn influencers to share content that is focused on sharing knowledge and insights.

The director of product for LinkedIn Search highlighted that the LinkedIn algorithm “will be focused on surfacing more of the relevant topics and knowledge that members will be interested in based on their interests and skills.”

Case in point, Jon Youshaei has 2x the followers vs. Brandon Smithwrick, but his promotion of Hootsuite’s 60-day free trial got 1/3rd of the engagement.

Why? Brandon shared insights from the report, whereas Jon leaned on promotion.

Find Creators From Within Your Company

Rather than searching outside your company, sometimes the best influencers are in your own company.

Cisco is offering training to its 83,300 employees to act as talent influencers on LinkedIn. Employee-created posts are “so much better than any content we would curate from a branding standpoint,” says Chief People Officer of Cisco.

People buy from people. People trust other people.

Putting a face to the brand on LinkedIn is becoming a big differentiator, whether it’s the founder, employees, or creators.

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