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How To Convert Customer Objections Into Your Best Ad Hooks

Your brand is your baby.

When people voice their doubts about it, the natural impulse is to hide those negative voices, hoping you can localize them into that one social media post, some even opt for deleting the comments.

If you filter through irrelevant trolls and objectively look at some negative comments, the most-mentioned ones are gold. They are the unanswered questions on people’s minds, the concerns that stop people from trying your product.

Capture And Embrace Customer Objections. They Could Be Your Best Ad Hooks.

Oats Overnight used this strategy to create an ad that got a lot of customer love.

“Why is it so expensive?”

The uncomfortable comment brands get a lot of but rarely address. This “spicy” ad hook makes the ad instantly stand out from the other messages customers are exposed to.

In the classic book “The Adweek Copywriting Handbook” by Joseph Sugarman, he stressed, "The sole purpose of the first sentence in an advertisement is to get you to read the second sentence”.

The same principle applies to Ad hooks. They are used to get people to watch the rest of the ad.

What’s more captivating than the question already on most of their mind?

Oats Overnight addressed the objection by showing their products are not expensive compared to DIYing yourself.

That’s not the end.

Knowing they had already captured the audience's attention, they used this opportunity to extend on other product benefits — that they have 30+ flavors and their products required no prep time.

Without the captivating hook, Oats Overnight’s ad and messaging wouldn’t have the good reach they had.

This is not a single case of success/ Jones Road Beauty went viral on TikTok by “getting back” at an influencer who shared negative reviews about their foundation because they used it wrong.

And that led to a step change in sales.

Don’t shy away from negativity.

Go actively look for any haters, skeptics, or unanswered questions that might be hiding in the comments and reviews. Once you’ve pinpointed the most talked about problem, that’s your perfect ad hook!

It is top of mind, so it will catch their eye.

So, Here's What You Should Do:

  • Scroll through comments and reviews
  • Make a list of the most common customer objections
  • Create content around them
  • Use the objections as your ad hooks

Don't complicate it. Your customers are your best scriptwriters and copywriters.

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