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How to Repurpose Content for Instagram

Instagram allows you to repurpose various types of content, such as videos, images, and text.

The possibilities are endless with these content types because they can be easily converted to different formats by using content creation tools.

From your Instagram videos, you can create reels, repost them on your Instagram story and even post shortened versions of them. With images you have posted on your Instagram account, it is very easy to create carousels and memes, as well as insert them into videos.

When it comes to repurposing text content for Instagram, you have to put your thinking cap on. Some of the easiest methods we recommend are turning them into Twitter posts and making a Q&A. You can also pull out some of your best sayings on Instagram and extract new quotes.

Tools that can help with repurposing Instagram content are available all over the Internet. Some of them are completely free to use and easy to operate. The ones including the best features are Repurpose, Meet Edgar, Animoto, Sonix, and Pixteller.

Promoting your Instagram content on other platforms is very easy. You can either post the same content on TikTok or shorten your YouTube videos. Creating IGTV and podcast episodes or even GIFs are additional effective ways of repurposing content.

On this website, you can find a complete guide for repurposing content on social media. It contains all of the general information that is connected to this practice. If you are specifically interested in repurposing content for Instagram, you are in the right place.

What Types of Instagram Content Can be Repurposed?

Instagram is a very popular platform for consuming and creating content. It is easy to get inspired by the content of other creators because the Instagram feed doesn’t have an end. To make their posts successful, content creators have to think outside of the box.

Something original and never seen before can go viral on Instagram in seconds. However, creating authentic content every single time can be very difficult because this platform is very competitive. Luckily, there are ways to repurpose content for Instagram.

Whether it’s a video, a picture, or a text you have written on your Instagram posts, they can all be repurposed and used multiple times. This guide includes examples of how to repurpose content for Instagram to help the creators retain their online presence.


Content in video form has grown in popularity over the last few years. This is because watching a video is more entertaining than simply scrolling through pictures. They give an Instagram account its individuality, and videos showcase the true personality of a creator.

However, creating videos for Instagram can be a lengthy process. Filming and editing a long video only to post a short one can take so much time. The audience can see the highlights and the best parts of the video and not the entire process.

You have to be creative to repurpose the videos you have been working so hard for as a creator. Luckily, Instagram offers many possibilities for playing around with formats and reposting the same content differently.

Create reels

Instagram has recently added the reels feature, which blew up very quickly. Reels are short videos that are very easy to watch, and people spend hours just scrolling through them on Instagram. If you have posted a video on your feed that did very well, now you can turn it into a reel.

Instagram stories

To make sure that your audience doesn’t forget your old videos, you can always repost them on your Instagram story. Most of them will likely click on it and rewatch it. You can even trim a longer video and post it as a 15-second clip on your story.

Make cutdowns

You can cut down the most important parts of an already-posted video and post it again on your Instagram feed. This will save you the time of creating a new video all over again while still allowing you to present new content to your followers.


A few years ago, Instagram used to be a platform for only posting images with cute captions. It was very easy for brands to promote their products in a picture format to provide the audience with a visual representation of their ideas.

Although Instagram is not an app that is used only for images nowadays, this type of content is still preferred by some people over videos. Since creating video content is a more creative process, creators struggle with expressing their originality through their pictures.

Taking and editing pictures can also be time-consuming because you have to think of the lighting and angles. Instead, Instagram influencers have learned some tricks to repurpose their images. The audience can barely notice that their pictures have been posted before.

Create carousels

Carousels are posts containing multiple images that people can easily swipe through. The maximum number of pictures you can include in a carousel is 10.

With this Instagram feature, you can repurpose your content by creating a mix of existing photos on your profile.


Have you thought about including one of your images in videos you plan on posting? For example, your idea may be to create a guide in a video format. Throughout the video, you can use old images as illustrations by choosing wisely at what points to insert them.

Create memes

Who doesn’t love looking at funny memes? This can be your opportunity to use a picture you have taken with your friend, edit it and add text. Then, you can post it on your feed or Instagram story and laugh with your audience.


The trickiest way to repurpose content for Instagram refers to the text you write under your post. Whether it is a short and catchy caption or a long paragraph about your life, take a look at the most creative ways of repurposing text for Instagram.

Turn it into a Twitter post

In addition to Instagram, many creators have further grown their audience by posting on their Twitter accounts. It is very easy to turn an Instagram caption into a Twitter post. All you have to do is copy the text and paste it into a Twitter thread.


If you have previously shared private information with your audience by writing a text under your Instagram post, you can use it to connect with them on a personal level. They can ask you questions about what you already wrote, and you can provide answers on Instagram stories.

Extract quotes

Maybe you are proud of an Instagram caption you once wrote because it came straight from your heart. To ensure that your content's readers haven’t forgotten about your wise words, extract a meaningful section and turn it into a quote in an image form.

Additional Ways of Repurposing Instagram Content

Apart from the most basic but creative ways of repurposing content for Instagram, you can also use some less-known features. In addition, you can promote your Instagram content on other platforms to gain more followers and online recognition.


The Instagram feature called IGTV allows users to create video episodes on their accounts. The best part is that you won’t necessarily have to create new content to do this. Instead, you can repurpose your old videos by posting them in IGTV format.

Make a short version of a YouTube video

If you have a YouTube channel, the videos you post on that platform can also be repurposed for Instagram. Since YouTube videos are long, vertical short-form videos are the only format allowed on Instagram. This can easily be done by editing and cutting the most important parts.

Turn it into a GIF

Both image and video content can be converted into a GIF. What you have to do to repurpose content for Instagram in this way is to find a suitable content creation tool. From there, you can add text and stickers to your GIF and create new content from something you posted earlier.

Create a podcast

Some Instagram guides that are posted by influencers have gained so much attention that they have become worthy of a podcast. Your followers may enjoy listening to your voice in videos you post on Instagram. With your existing ideas, you can generate podcast topics.

Make a TikTok video

Did you know that when you post a video on Instagram, you can also share it on TikTok at the same time? Reels and TikTok videos are very similar.

You can simply connect the accounts you have on both platforms, re-post the same content, and expand your audience.

Tools for Repurposing Content on Instagram

Some of the examples mentioned for repurposing Instagram content require a developed skill set. However, that doesn’t have to be the case with your way of producing content.

You can use several tools to simplify the process of repurposing any type of content.


A tool that can help with video creation is Repurpose. This tool allows creators to get multiple types of content from one simple video. It offers guided video templates and the possibility of converting videos into vertical and square formats.


Not only does Meet Edgar help creators during content planning, but it can also be used for repurposing Instagram content. It automatically posts your best content on Instagram so that the activity on your feed is flowing and the attention of your followers is sustained.


Tools such as Animoto are very desirable by content creators because of their advanced features. You can use it to add images to videos, create video clips and easily share them with your Instagram audience using the drag-and-drop feature.


If you are a busy influencer running out of ideas for what to post on Instagram, you can make great use of the Sonix editor. If you have filmed an audio or video version of the content you were planning to post, you can convert it into text with this tool.


Creating picture quotes and adding animations can become a very fun and easy process with the use of PixTeller.

This online tool is completely free, and it offers multiple different ideas of designs for your content which will help you stay inspired and on top of your Instagram game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content is the best to repurpose?

The best type of content to repurpose is video simply because it offers various ways to play around with it. You can either change its format, size, or length, and it will always be appealing to your online community on Instagram.

Can you repurpose someone else’s content?

Repurposing your content is very smart, but using someone else’s content is not recommended. If you feel as if repurposing their content is worth it, and you know exactly how to do it, ask the person who owns it for permission.

Can you make money from repurposed content?

If a post is successful on Instagram, it can make you money as a creator. One way content creators monetize their repurposed content is by including and updating the ads on the particular post and focusing on their target audience.

Final Words

Bringing back old ideas can also be refreshing for Instagram users. If a piece of content is original and well-constructed, it is worth repurposing.

The next time you struggle to get your creative juices flowing, choose something that can be easily reposted uniquely.

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