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How to Optimize Miiro

Let's first start by breaking down how I'd optimize Miiro's site and improve its conversion rate.

Miiro's Website

We're first going to work on their copy.

I would alter a few things above the fold:

  • I would test 2-5 different headlines.
  • I’d add a complimentary sub-headline
  • I would change the creative to be benefit-driven


Let’s start with the headlines.

Here I’d label the headline formulas I would use:

After determining the headlines I want to use, I’d run a FB ads A/B/C test to see which copy has the highest-click through rate.

This would tell me which copy I’d use on my landing pages.

Tim Ferriss did something similar when he ran Google Ads to see which title he would eventually use for The 4-Hour Workweek.

Here’s a Youtube video that breaks down how Tim Ferriss did it.

Here’s an example I used for Grind Basketball:

From there, you take the winning ad and optimize your landing page.

Website Sections

I’d change some sections on Miiro’s site.

The first section I’d replace is the “Shop The Sampler” section with a “5 Reasons Why MiiRo” section.

Example: Lemon Perfect

Like Lemon Drop, but switch the "Naturally Perfect" to "5 Reasons Why MiiRo" section and use it to educate the consumer on the benefits and differentiation.

We want to use the landing pages to educate the individual on “why this product.”

An educated consumer is a confident consumer.

Following the “5 Reasons Why MiiRo” section, I’d add the “Us vs. Them” section.

After educating the consumer, I want to create an enemy.

In this case, you find other baking goods and desserts all over the grocery store.

By using the “Us vs. Them,” we not only create an enemy but continue to solidify why us.

Example: MiiRO

Next, I’d add a UGC section.

This UGC section acts as a support to your claims.

Display happy customers who love your product.

It’s a simple framework:

  • Show real people
  • Show real use cases
  • Show real product outcomes

Example: Smile Direct Club

Now I’d add the “Shop The Sampler” section.

After the past three “pulling” sections where you’re trying to get the individual to buy into your brand, it’s time to add a “push section” and add a section to purchase Miiro.

Example: MiiRo

Now, two more sections:

  • A Guarantee
    • Create a small section highlighting your “100% happiness guarantee” or your money back.

Example: Smile Direct Club

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Create a list of your most frequent questions, DMs, TikTok replies, etc, and use that to create a FAQ to add to your landing pages.

Example: Smile Direct Club

Email Sequences

MiiRo has a good welcome flow, but I would optimize it by using the first email to segment my audience.

And by segmenting it, I would use the remaining flow to personalize the experience based on the consumers’ interests.

The two segments here are:

  1. Vegan Chocolate
  2. Bakers who use vegan products

Here’s an example of the flow I’d create with the conditions:

Content Marketing

Rym, the founder of MiiRo, is the face of the brand.

Because of that, she actively creates content on TikTok and Instagram.

To optimize this, I would use TikTok’s search feature to determine the content I create.

Here’s how I would do it:

  • List keywords in TikTok’s search bar
  • Find the search queries related to your product
  • Create content around these search queries

For MiiRo, I’d use this to create both videos for the Vegan Chocolate and the Vegan Baking Ingredients.

The focus would be informational content infused with MiiRo products.


Lastly, in the optimization stage is Miiro’s SEO.

Miiro has an array of phenomenal blog content.

To optimize this, I would do two things:

1. Link your Bottom of the Funnel articles within your Top of the Funnel articles

Example: Everything You Need To Know About Sugar-Free Candy → 10 Best Sugar-Free Candy for Diabetics.

2. Personalize The Pitch In Your BOF Articles

Alter the copy on each graphic to match the context of the article → With that, your copy matches the needs behind the search.

How To Scale Miiro

Let’s break down how I’d scale Miiro.

There are three pillars I’d focus on.

This would consume 80-90% of my effort, and I’d leave the remaining 10-20% to testing.


  • TikTok Influencers
  • Paid Media
    • TikTok
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
  • Youtube Ads

TikTok Influencers

TikTok is the most powerful top-of-funnel machine right now.

And TikTok influencers are an arbitrage.

Many don’t know how to price themselves. And many have mastered how to go viral.

So, here’s what I’d do:

  • Find 15-20 influencers to run a test post with
  • Give them a set of benefits to focus on
  • Let the influencer handle the creative
  • Use UTM parameters and organic search to track the success of each influencer
  • After the test trial, select 5 influencers and put them on retainers
  • Create specific landing pages focused on these influencers (example)
  • Based on the retainer, set a number of posts each month and access to this creative via spark ads

The key to making this work is finding influencers who already use similar products, talking about specific or similar problems, and/or identifying with the problem you are solving.

Those are the influencers who will be in it for the long haul.

Paid Media

1. TikTok Ads

Because TikTok is our primary focus for our content marketing efforts — it’s also where we’re going to focus our paid media efforts.

With TikTok ads, there are a few keys:

  • Creative has a short shelf-life (rotate frequently)
  • Take your best performing creative and reproduce it with 3-5 different angles
  • People aren’t on TikTok to shop - provide information, education, inspiration, or entertainment, then introduce your product.
  • Anything that performs well, share with influencers, and have them recreate it with their own spin.

These keys are followed by how we run our ads:

  • Run all Influencer content via SparkAds (Running ads through the influencer’s profile)
  • Every influencer-focused ad is sent to the influencer’s specific landing page
  • Measure the CPA thoroughly (because we’re going to test it against other channels)

Other TikTok Tests

Here is a list of ideas and tests I’d try:

  • Create a lead magnet with each influencer (ex. 10 keto-friendly recipes you can make in under 30 minutes)
  • Create an ad specifically for your newsletter and measure the ROAS from newsletter subscribers converted into customers
  • Create an advertorial with the end goal of taking a quiz and measuring the ROAS from taking the quiz and converting them into customers

2. Facebook and Instagram

For Meta and Instagram, I’d repurpose my top-performing creative from TikTok.

And the same rules and tests from TikTok follow to Instagram and Meta.

3. Youtube

Youtube advertising rarely makes the conversation.

And it’s wildly underrated.

Here’s what I love about it: You can target based on someone’s Google history.

Because of that, you can tailor your creative:

  • Based on the intent of the search
  • Based on specific keywords or products

So, now you’re Youtube Ad puts the right product in front of the right person.

What does this look like for MiiRo:

Here’s an article I wrote about how Burger King used this same strategy.

Sponsoring Different Communities

Lastly, is sponsoring different communities.

Communities are where specific people with specific interests come together to share their collective passions.

And this should be a focus for MiiRo - specifically Facebook Groups.

For example:

Here’s what I’d do:

  • Every day I’d block off time to respond to questions and share content
  • After some time, I’d ask to sponsor the group after making an impression on the community.

Final Idea

Right now, there is a large arbitrage for top-of-funnel awareness via TikTok, Youtube shorts, and Instagram Reels.

This is happening because both Instagram and Youtube are trying to compete with TikTok is your advantage.

What I’d do is:

  • Establish a short-form show
  • Based on a specific theme relative to your audience (Ex. Vegan baking recipes under 1 min)
  • Post it on a consistent schedule (M,W,F or T,T,S)
  • Use MiiRo products during every episode

How I'd Increase MiiRo's CLV

Lastly, how to retain customers and improve Miiro’s CLV.

There are two things I’d focus on:

  • Creating a community
  • A Rewards Program

Let’s break this down.

Creating A Community

A great community to model after is Obvi.

They’ve built a community of 55k members with very active members.

Two things they do well are: Giveaways and Q&As.

For MiiRo, I’d:

  • Replicate the giveaways and Q&As like Obvi
  • I’d highlight a community member weekly on social and newsletters (and reward who you highlight) → Incentivizes members to be active.
  • Host a live baking class bi-weekly or monthly and challenge members to make the recipe → Reward a member who participated.

Community engagement is difficult, but you can manufacture enough momentum where it’ll eventually build itself.

At that point, a community manager or community moderator is essential.

Milestone-Based Rewards Program

Similar to newsletters and their success with Milestone-based referral programs, I believe it’d be a successful long-term play for MiiRo.

Specifically, it makes MiiRo different because its benefits (keto friendly & vegan) are part of a specific lifestyle.

This makes it perfect for repeat purchases.

Some stats to back up the importance of a rewards program for MiiRo:

  • Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer
  • Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.
  • The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%.

And the milestone-based reward program is the perfect way to incentive customers to order again.

I’d try something like:

  • One free product worth $10 or less after 5 purchases
  • One free product worth $20 or less after 10 purchases
  • One bundle or mix & match products worth $45 or less after 25 purchases

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