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How Carrie Rose Drives PR and SEO Results Every Other Day

Carrie Rose is the Founder of Rise at Seven and one of my favorite individuals to follow and study.

It seems like every other day she's driving press to her clients from all the major publications.

It's wild.

With that, she's driving quality backlinks, press, traffic, and sales.

This case study breaks down how.

The SEO Sauce

There are two things that can’t be beaten when it comes to growth: Creativity x Speed.

To add gas to the fire, pour in relevancy.

Because you’ll not only join the conversation — but own it.

For example when Squid Games was trending, Mr. Beast decided to recreate the show into 25-minute video on Youtube.

In mid-October, search for Squid Games peaked.

One month later (while Squid Games was still hot), Mr. Beasts published his version of Squid Games.

The result:

  • 9.5M subscribers in one month
  • 2.1M subscribers a week
  • 300K views a day during November
  • 142M views in first 8 days

Meanwhile, Squid Games was Netflix’s biggest launch, garnering 142M views.

It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison...

But it’s a great example of how you can take a trending moments momentum and use it to elevate your brand.

Which elevates search...

Which brings me to my next point.

Thinking SEO Is A ONLY Long-Term Play Is BS

In Carrie’s early days, she said, “every meeting that she went to, people would say SEO is a long-term game.”

But trends change that.

And give you the opportunity to make it a short-term game too.

Because what trends on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram affect what gets searched.

Your job is to create around what’s trending and how it’s relevant to your brand.

And doing it fast.

Carrie says, “They’re launching content within 45 min...because anything after 6 hours and you’ve lost your chance.”

Example: Marvel

  • The Makkarie character in Marvel is deaf
  • Search for learning sign language increased by 250%
  • Carrie's team pushed this data to publications within the hour
  • Landed 130+ backlinks

Carrie attributes this to understanding site search.

And then tying back your site search to the wider picture.

Short-Term SEO Gainzzz

This isn’t to say long-term SEO doesn’t have its place.

It 100% does.

This is to say there are also ways to drive results, fast.

Example: Zara

  • Zara works with influencers on TikTok
  • TikTok influencers create a trend
  • Search for Zara's Pink Dress surges
  • Zara's Pinkk Dress sold out in days

Example: Crocs

  • Nicki Minaj takes a photo in Pink Crocs
  • Search for Pink Crocs increases by 4000%+
  • Carrie's team creates content, email, and blog content on the backend of the trend

Example: Vans

  • Searches for White Vans started to surge because of Squid Games
  • Carrie’s team created blog content around the data
  • Landed 400+ links
  • Drove sales through an affiliate links in the blog

How To Land These Placements

An amazing story doesn’t travel without distribution.

So, how does Carrie land placement after placement?

Here’s Carrie's process:

  • Create graphics, content (both photo and video) to send to journalists ➡️ Makes it easy
  • Use an existing email structure (plug and play) ➡️ Saves Time
  • Write no more than 300 words ➡️ Make it Concise
  • Sends out to 400+ emails to big publications ➡️ Communicate At Scale
  • Send In The AM ➡️ When Journalists First Get On Their Computer

How To Amplify The Story

A secret framework to amplify your story is to get it in front of marketers first.

Carrie says, “Once marketers talk about it, the world talks about it.”

So, if you can get marketers to engage with your story, you’ll influence the journalists.


  • Discover what's trending on places like TikTok, Twitter, Netflix, etc
  • Research how it's affecting Google Search and Trends
  • Understand how this affects your site search
  • Relate how this intersects with your brand
  • Create content around the trend within 45 mins to 6 hours max
  • Write the story for the journalists
  • Send it out in the AM right when they're opening their laptops
  • Creativity x Speed x Relevancy always wins

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