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How I'd Grow Quip

Let’s start above the fold. It’s the first thing someone sees. And needs to make an impression.

Create it from the lens of a customer who needs to know what you do in 3 seconds.

Here’s what needs to get fixed on Quip’s above the fold:

1. Convert the headline from generic (good for mouths) to specific (great for oral health)

2. Use the sub-headline to provide context on what makes it great for oral health and to differentiate the product

3. Add social proof above the fold that supports your headline

4. Remove two different calls to action on above the fold

State your value proposition. Explain what creates it. Share proof that supports it. Remove all other distractions. Focus on one desired action.

This goes for any landing page you create.

How To Separate And Differentiate Quip

When you take everyday products upmarket, then your focus should be on three things:

1. Education - What makes this product effective?

2. Differentiation - What makes this product better than others?

3. Separation - How do you position your product to create a new category?


Let’s take Quip mints for example. I can walk into a gas station and buy mints for $1. So, to convince me to spend $10 on mints, I need to know why these are 10x better and 10x more valuable than the mints at the gas station.

Two sections help create this perceived value:

1.Us vs. Them

2. 3 Reasons Why

Us vs. Them

Take your competitors, position them as a problem, and position your product as the solution.

Us: Mint flavor but not sugar. Zinc. Vitamin D. Good for your teeth and gums. Them: Sugar. Corn Syrup. No Zinc. No Vitamin D. Horrible for your teeth.

3 Reasons Why

Educate your ideal customer on what separates you from the crowd.

Every Quip product is health-focused. This section should be focused on highlighting these health benefits.

How I’d Change Their Paid Acquisition

Two changes:

  • Ditch discounts for education
  • Direct traffic to a quiz funnel

Ditch Discounts For Education

Ditch all the discounts. You discount a product when you haven’t refined your positioning.

Focus more on education. What separates your product from competitors. And how that impacts a specific desire.

It’s a simple framework for writing copy: Education > Separation > Specification

Here’s what it looks like for Quip:

Quiz Funnel

Next, Quip should send traffic to a quiz funnel.

Like this:

What makes a quiz funnel so effective? The fact that consumers exchange data for value.

This data extends into all of your marketing efforts.

For Quip, imagine 75% of people said they worry about bad breath on a daily basis and, of that 75%, 50% said they want to add to their oral health routine.

With that data, you can now:

  • Segment your emails and SMS based on pain points and wants
  • Create content around those same pain points and desires
  • Import those people into Meta and re-target them
  • Tailor the ad creative to match their pain points

The list is endless. The more data you can collect. The more you can personalize the shopping experience.

The majority of people are okay with giving you data knowing that you’re trying to make it a one-on-one experience with the brand.

Here’s what it looks like:

How I’d Change The Organic Content Strategy

The best content educates, entertains, informs, or inspires. The best promotional content does the same. But the product is at the center of the story.

So, how do you create a successful content strategy? Go see what content customers make about your product. And see which performs the best.

That’s your library of inspiration. One TikTok search for “Quip” found me dozens of videos with millions and hundreds of thousands of views.


Organic UGC will tell you:

  • What stories to tell
  • What narratives to push
  • What pain points to address
  • What objections to tackle
  • How to position your product

All data to then inform your creative team.

So, if Quip shifted its IG strategy, the content would go from looking like this to this:

Lastly, Quip should change the link in their bio. It directs you to an article. Direct your hard-earned clicks to product pages.

How I’d Change The Email Strategy

One of the biggest changes I’d make is to base the email strategy on quiz results.

And I’d break it down into four words:

Segment. Personalize. Educate. Recommend.

Segment based on responses.

Personalized based on pain points and needs.

Educated based on product matching.

Recommend based on desires.

Finishing Touches

  • If you’re going upmarket, nail your positioning and differentiation factor
  • It’ll affect every other marketing effort (copy, ads, landing pages, email)
  • Customers will create your content strategy. Your job is to scale it
  • Great landing pages nail the elevator pitch and land the meeting
  • Quiz funnels are underrated for collecting data points that optimize all marketing touchpoints

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