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9 Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Conversion Rate

Amazon's approach to communication emphasizes clarity.

Instead of PowerPoint presentations, all of their executives are asked to write 2 to 6 pages for any pitch they have.

Well-structured narrative texts force the writer to think.

And more importantly, it forces the reader to be actively engaged.

We've outlined 9 tips from Amazon to improve your copywriting.

1. Use Short Sentences

Keep your sentences, Kevin Hart short.

Amazon says under 30 words.

I’d say to keep them under 15 words.

This keeps them clear and concise with an emphasis on clarity.

2. Cut Common Phrases

Cut the overused common phrases that are on everybody’s landing page.

Instead, obsess over clarity.

Respect the consumer’s time.

Concise copy leads to concise decision-making .

3. Replace Adjectives With Data

Numbers are eye candy and they organize info into a logical order.

4. Eliminate Weasel Words

Weasel words kill sentences.

They're vague. Boring. And weak.

Weak words result in weak emotions.

Weak emotions don’t lead to action.

5. Use The "So-What" Test

Re-read your writing and ask, “so what?”

Can the reader understand the sentence, paragraph, or page?

Does it make sense?

Does it provide value?

Are they learning, informed, or educated?

6. Avoid Adverbs

Clear writing is strong writing.

If you see an adverb in your copy, cut it.

It’s lazy.

And they make your copy feel timid.

You’re showcasing your product -- be bold.

7. Be Objective

Subjective writing lacks facts and data.

They’re supported by points of view and observations.

Objective writing injects confidence.

Confidence that you deliver on your promises.

8. Cut Acronyms and Jargon

Use an acronym or jargon a customer doesn’t understand and you’ll lose them.

Write like you’re trying to explain something to your 10-year old cousin…

Not like you’re trying to impress your high school crush.

9. Use Subject-Verb-Object Sentences

Use this sentence structure to be clear:

  • Who/what are you writing about.
  • What did they do?
  • What was acted on?

Always Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Amazons writing tips help us navigate interconnected ideas a PowerPoint couldn't convey.

The main technique is to keep it simple.

If your goal is to be more persuasive then these writing tips are a good place to begin.

Remember, good business writing gets the point across.

So, keep it simple.

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