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How Birdie Uses Confirmation Bias To Convert Customers

Confirmation bias is one of the most powerful tools to influence consumers toward a purchase.

First, a quick refresher on what confirmation bias is.

Confirmation bias is our tendency to notice and favor information that fits with our existing beliefs. Our brain uses this shortcut to save time and energy when evaluating evidence and making decisions.

Birdie, a brand that sells personal safety alarms, cleverly embedded confirmation bias in its messaging across its e-commerce site. It’s subtle but effective.

Let’s see how they do it.

1. Confirm Who They Are

“Created for women, by women.”

Birdie repeats this in their messaging like a chant.

It’s obvious the target audience for their product is mostly women. And ok…the founders are women. But why call these things out?

Birdie deliberately highlights this information to confirm their audience’s belief that they (women) are the most in need of personal safety alarms.

Confirmation bias creates a sense of familiarity that captures the audience’s attention.

2. Confirm Their Desire

“We love feeling safe with kids.”

“We love feeling safe on adventures.”

“We love feeling safe with friends.”

Birdie spells out what its target audience desires in terms of safety, generating a sense of trust by confirming what they value.

The use of “we” is another genius touch. It immediately makes customers feel like the brand is one and together with them in pursuit of safety.

Confirmation bias creates a sense of affinity that makes the audience trust the brand.

3. Confirm Their Suspicions

“Currently, 1 in 3 women in the U.S. is assaulted in her lifetime.”

Again, Birdie provided selective evidence to confirm that while there’s a desire for safety, it’s not entirely safe for women in the US. This strengthens their audience’s conviction that there’s a need for personal safety alarms.

Confirmation bias helps to validate your product's value proposition.

4. Confirm Their Choice

Customers seek reassurance to validate they’re making the right purchase decision.

To show why their product is the obvious choice other than product features, Birdie uses reviews from women customers and press mentions (social proof) to back up their claims and reinforce customers’ belief that their purchase decision is well founded.

Confirmation bias helps customers overcome skepticism to convert.

Using confirmation bias, Birdie created compelling messages that not only clarify who they are talking to but also resonate so deeply that I bet the readers find themselves nodding in agreement throughout.

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