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How To Collect 700+ Emails Via Twitter DMs

Your Twitter DMs are an acquisition channel...

And nothing like LinkedIn DMs...Lawd have mercy haha

Yannick, the Founder of Hypefury used his Twitter DMs to:

  • Send 1000 DMs
  • Capture 700 emails
  • Gain 200+ followers

And it took 12 seconds.

One Question: How?

Instead of using the typical lead magnet flow, Yannick took to Twitter to offer his new ebook 101 Viral Thread Hooks.

To get it, all you had to do was reply to his tweet saying “Yes,” and he would DM it to you.

But how the hell do you send hundreds of DMs when people are constantly commenting?

Yannick created a feature in Hypefury where you can auto DM based on a reply to a tweet.

All you have to do is toggle it on.

So now, anytime someone comments — within minutes, they’ll have their hands on the ebook that Yannick promised with an automated message.

Here are the steps:

1. Someone comments

2. An automated DM is sent

3. They're linked to a Gumroad landing page to collect an email (can use any landing page)

4. Individual enters the email and immediately gets the ebook


Here's How You Can Build Your Email List

1. Craft the tweet in Hypefury and ask for a Reply in the comments

2. Tap “Send an automatic DM” and add the Auto DM Response

3. Craft the copy to feel like a one on one convo -- and not like an automated reply

Simple, effective, and makes your Twitter DMs an acquisition channel.

If you're interested in doing this -- then check out Hypefury here.


- Your Twitter DMs are an acquisition channel

- Ask for a reply or retweet in your giveaway tweet to activate the automation

- Use conversational copy to make it feel like a one of one experience

- Create a simple landing page or squeeze page to collect emails

- Trigger the automation to send the promised email immediately

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