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4 Simple Ways To Collect Customer Data For Personalization

Here’s what you’ll learn below:

  • How Jones Road Beauty added one question to its lead forms that segment their email list
  • How Jolie created a report that’s a win-win situation for the consumer and brand
  • How Dear Frances personalizes the shopping experience with one click
  • How Sephora wins back customers based on product return data

1. Add One Question To Your Lead Form

The fewer fields in a form, the higher the completion rate.

But the higher the personalization, the higher the conversion rate.

Jones Road Beauty created a great email capture form:

  • Offers free shipping
  • Email capture form
  • One question

This ONE question now distinctly divides their email list into four segments that require different forms of communication, different products, and promotions.

Segment to specify to sell.

2. A Gated Report or Quiz

Jolie, a shower head water filter brand, collects visitors' zip codes to generate personalized water reports showcasing the water quality in their area.

The zip code collected serves as a determining factor for the water quality, ultimately indicating the customer's purchasing intent

The best lead magnets create win-win situations for both the brand and the customer.

3. Confirm Their Suspicions

The majority of customer return data is a missed opportunity for many.

Customers tell you what they don’t like.

Recommend something they might like.

Here’s how Sephora does it:

  • A customer returned a fragrance
  • Sephora addressed the problem
  • They recommended other options to win the customer back

4. Email Clicks Tell You So Much

Your email clicks tell you so much about your customer.

Dear Frances, the shoe brand, always embeds custom links for different shoe sizes in their emails.

The customer clicks the specific size and Dear Francis tailors the shopping experience based on the size.

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