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Best Tools for Content Creation

Creating original content is the most critical factor that contributes to the growth of online audiences for digital creators.

This process can often be overwhelming. Due to this, marketers have started using tools that are useful for enhancing content quality.

To save you the stress of browsing through the Internet to find tools for content creation, we have created a short but insightful guide.

In this article, you will have a chance to find out what content creation tools are used for different types of content.

Tools for Creating Content

Using tools for creating content doesn’t always require having previous experience. They are designed to be easily operated by anyone and provide virtual assistance through your content creation journey.

Choosing the right content creation tool depends on the type of content you wish to create. Whether you are starting a YouTube channel or podcast or you want to pursue freelance photography and writing, some tools can help you reach your full potential.

Content writing tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid are used to ensure accurate spelling and sentence structure in a written article.

To help you make your written piece of work more readable for audiences of all ages, writers often use The Hemingway App.

Graphic designers make great use of tools such as Canva, Pixlr, and Piktochart because the free templates give them new ideas for creating content. InVideo, Movavi, and Animoto make the creation of video content much more simple and less nerve-racking.

Filming podcasts has become very popular over the last few years. These content creators use tools such as Descript, Audacity, and Inshot to record and edit their audio. For a more specific content creation niche, such as transcription, the best tools are Express Scribe, Inqscribe, and Rev.

Overall, content creators use online tools such as Trello, writing and graphic design tools, and free templates to help them create content that stands out and is appealing to their audience. These tools are easy to use and provide clear guidance on how to create any type of content.

Best Tools for Content Creation

To set the seal on consistency during content creation, using tools can make your life way easier. Overusing these digital tools is never advisable because creativity is in the hands of the creator. However, knowing how to properly put them to use will help you discover new marketing trends.

Content used for social media has to be updated frequently because this is what leads to building an online community. Gaining success and popularity as a content creator may appear simple and easily done.

However, the audience doesn’t see the effort being put into every piece of content that designers and bloggers provide.

Marketers take advantage of diverse tools to simplify their lives – chrome extensions for example – and focus more on inventiveness instead of the technical part of content creation.

Content writing tools

Producing content in a written form doesn’t only include creativity and knowing your way with words. The world of content writing is constantly evolving and changing.

New SEO practices are emerging every day, which is why content writers have started using some online tools:


A very popular tool used among content writers is Grammarly. This tool helps check the grammar accuracy and spelling in any type of written content.

Another feature included in this tool is the plagiarism checker, which is very helpful for ensuring originality.

The Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is very useful for producing engaging but clear content by highlighting complex and difficult-to-read sentences.

This tool clearly shows the writer where they have made a mistake and how to rewrite sentences so that they are understood even by a young audience.


Another tool for improving the quality of written content by focusing on grammar and style is ProWritingAid. Its simple software system makes it suitable for use by beginners in content writing and professional writers.

Like Grammarly, it also includes the plagiarism feature.

Content Creation Tools for Graphic Design

Playing around with different designs produces well-performing content every time. However, content creators sometimes need little inspiration to develop new ideas. This is where graphic design tools for content creation come in handy.


From simple to complex designs, Canva is a tool that can be used for every type of content. Graphic designers often use it for creating infographics and logos.

Nevertheless, this tool also allows for designing interesting presentations, blog posts, and brochures.


Animated designs can now be easily created using the Pixlr tool. This online editor allows designers to modify and perfect photographs by simply pushing a few buttons.

The most convenient part about using this tool is that specific editing skills are not required.


Presenting data in a visual way may sound intimidating. That is why content creation tools such as Piktochart exist.

Designers can create various graphs and charts by using this tool and visually represent the information they are trying to share with their audience.

Video content creation tools

Recently, many people have started to create their own YouTube channels. Not only is the process of creating video content interesting, but it is also entertaining for the audience.

Content consumers love the idea of watching videos by creators who focus on giving life advice and tips.


If you are just starting to take an interest in video content creation, a great tool to remember is InVideo. Using this tool, you will be able to create videos very easily without having prior experience in editing.

This beginner-friendly tool also includes a text-to-video feature.


For more experienced video creators, editing content can become much simpler using the Movavi tool. This video editor includes advanced features that can help content creators uniquely express their creativity and make click-worthy videos every single time.


While some people create videos for a living, others simply want to do it for fun. If you are the latter, Animoto is a great tool for amateur video creators. This tool makes editing, uploading photos, and including background music easy to learn.

Audio content creation tools

To ensure good quality audio for their platforms, content creators have found progress-making tools on the Internet.

Crisp and clear sound is crucial to provide the audience with the best possible experience when they are listening to a video or a podcast.


This is one of the best tools for content creation and removing unnecessary parts from an audio recording. Descript detects the audio gaps, making it easier for content creators to edit and create transcripts.


Audacity will be your best friend if you want to professionally pursue audio editing and content creation. This tool is useful for recording audio content and eliminating background noises which can sometimes negatively affect the quality of your content.


Apart from being used for video editing, InShot is also a great tool for perfecting your audio content. It allows you to easily remove parts from the audio and upload files from any app on your phone and laptop.

Inshot also offers the feature of speeding up or slowing down your audio.

Content creation tools for transcription

Working as a transcriptionist from home is a great way to use your language skills. This job requires more than simply transcribing audio to text. Headphones, a foot pedal, and a cushioned chair are great additions to your home office.

In combination with a comfortable environment, content creation tools for transcription can ensure an even better performance:

Express Scribe

One of the most commonly used tools for content creation when it comes to transcription is Express Scribe. It includes an option to replay the audio recording regardless of the uploaded file type.

For transcriptionists, this feature leads to the improvement of their typing speed.


An advanced tool for transcription that offers easy control of the audio and video files is Inqscribe. This software doesn’t limit its users to uploading only certain data formats.

It is also useful for creating subtitles and analyzing audio tags to ensure a smooth workflow.


A website offering transcription services by guaranteeing accuracy every single time is Rev. They use editing tools to simplify the transcription process for their clients.

It also includes a voice recorder to upload recordings in different forms and transfer them to a written format.

Why Do Content Creators Use These Tools?

Writing down your content ideas as a creator is a great way to start conceptualizing your vision. However, if you want additional help in making sure your content stands out, you might need to use some tools.

These online tools are easy to find, and they are used to clarify information.

Content planning

Planning your content can help you stay organized and prepared for what is coming next on your to-do list. To your set of established tools, an additional one such as Trello will aid in keeping track of your scheduled posts and how much time you will need to publish them.

Clear guidance

Since all of the presented tools are extremely easy to use, they also include instructions on how to create any type of content. You won’t have to waste much time figuring it out on your own. They provide you with examples and guidelines on how your content is supposed to look.

Free templates

Writing and graphic design tools for creating content offer free templates for every user. By following the already given guide, you will get a clear picture of how content should be created successfully and be appealing to your audience.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Content Creation Tool

As one would expect, some tools are designed for different purposes. When you decide what kind of content inspires you, you can search for a suitable content creation tool.

Before you create attention-grabbing content, consider these factors about content creation tools:


Whereas most online tools are free and easily accessible to most people, some require paying a fee. By purchasing a monthly or an annual plan for any of these tools, you will get more advanced features than simply using the free option:


Free Option - Basic Features

Premium Option - Basic Features + Sentence Rewriting and Suggestions - $12 monthly fee

Business Option - All Premium Features + Style Guides - $15 monthly fee

The Hemingway App

Online Tool - Free

The App - $19.99 one-time-only


Free Option- Basic Features, Word Limit

Premium Option - No Limits on Features - $10 per month

Premium Option Annual Fee - $120


Free - Basic Suggestions, Free Templates, No Content Planning Feature Included

Canva Pro - Double Features (Advanced) $119.99 annual fee

Team Plan - $149.90 for five team members


Free - Limited Access

Pixlr Plus - Unlimited Saves - $1.99 per month

Pixlr Premium - Full Access to All Features - $7.99 per month


Free - No Custom Features

Piktochart Pro - All Features, Unlimited Access - $14 monthly fee


Free - With Watermark

InVideo Business - Without Watermark- $15 monthly fee, $180 annual fee

InVideo Unlimited - $30 monthly fee, $360 annual fee


Editor - $49.95 1-year subscription

Editor + Media Pack - $69.95 1-year subscription

Video Suite + AI Features - $19.99 1-year subscription


Free - Limited Downloads

Basic Plan - Unbranded Animoto Videos - $16 monthly fee

Professional Plan - Standard Features + Templates $29 monthly fee

Professional Plus Plan - Unlimited Advanced Features - $79 monthly fee


Free - Basic Features

Creator Plan - Unlimited Access to Files - $12 per month

Professional Plan - No Search Limit - $24 per month


Completely Free


Free - Watermark on Videos

Inshot Pro - No Watermark - $3.99 monthly fee

Express Scribe

Basic Plan - Standard Features - $39.95

Professional Plan - Unrestricted Features - $49.99


Free - Limited Features

Premium - $99 one-time-only purchase


Free - Basic Features

Rev Max - Advanced Features - $29.99 monthly fee


Progressive and cutting-edge features on content creation tools are key when it comes to creating modern and up-to-date content. Paying a fee is often required to gain access to advanced features, and you have to decide whether this purchase will be worth it in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the use of tools essential for content creation?

Using content creation tools is not necessarily a must for every marketer. Creating eye-catching content is also possible without the use of these tools.

Content creation tools can simply speed up the process and lead to developing ideas you never thought of before.

Does AI power all content creation tools?

AI-generated content has become a very popular term in the world of marketing. But despite that, not all content creation tools are powered by AI.

Content strategies can be enhanced by using tools that aren't automated, giving the information presented a more personal touch.


The process of creating content is complicated, and it requires a lot of effort. Luckily, nowadays, content creators can utilize useful tools to save time and avoid stress during content creation.

With the use of the right tools for content creation, you will be able to generate thought-provoking content.

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