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9-figure coffee alternative

“Start your morning with a new energizing mushroom drink.”

Ehhh I’ll pass…

“Start your morning with the #1 coffee alternative on the market.”

Now I’m listening…

This is MUD\WTR’s masterclass in how to communicate when creating a new category.

Pick an Enemy

For category-creating products as unique as MUD\WTR, customer education is a common challenge.

MUD\WTR used a clever positioning strategy that helped the brand take off immediately without having to create awareness from scratch.

Pick an enemy, and position yourself as a better alternative.

MUD\WTR capitalized on something familiar, like coffee, and positioned itself as superior in every way.

The contrast creates a clear identity, making it easier for consumers to understand and remember the product.

So if you don’t love the negative effects of coffee, their positioning quickly captures your attention.

Consistent Messaging

MUD\WTR’s message is consistent across all platforms.

Every interaction, be it in their ads, their website, or product descriptions, echoes their core message as the “#1 coffee alternative”.

MUD\WTR is just like coffee in all the good ways, but none of the bad.

Among its 130 Meta ad creatives, more than 110 are about how MUD\WTR is a better alternative to coffee with all the energy but without the jitters.

Create a Ritual

MUD\WTR reiterates the message of how to create a “new morning ritual” with highly targeted and educational landing pages.

They recognized that coffee is about more than caffeine: it’s the ritual.

So they included a healthier version of creamer and sweetener, to reinforce that MUD\WTR is just like coffee - except better.

And they didn’t stop there.

They recognized that coffee holds a rich cultural and historical significance for its drinkers.

So they highlighted that their product contains ingredients with cultural importance, effectively positioning itself as not just a trendy alternative, but a beverage with longstanding cultural value.

Every product is a response to a gap in the market.

You wouldn’t have created your product if you didn’t think it was better than what’s out there.

So here’s the TLDR of how to take the best of MUD\WTR’s playbook and apply it to your brand:

  1. Position against an enemy.
  2. Dig for the underlying attachments to existing products.
  3. Highlight the shortcomings.
  4. Find a winning message and replicate across platforms.
  5. Create a ritual around your solution.

Am I a “functional mushroom” kinda guy?

I have no idea. I might have to try it and let you know.

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